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Establishing an unwavering breath of faith from consumers in traditional mills has always been an integral part of our vision.

Red 2 Green prides itself over the fact that we conceive exceptional and effective trainings for the benefits of both the millers and budding entrepreneurs.

Regenerating people’s faith that has been long lost in the modern world in traditional mills has always been an important goal that defined our very existence. At the same time, we welcome budding entrepreneurs who are willing to upgrade their present operational systems and work in the ‘ready to cook’ food category.

Food technologies need to be constantly upgraded, which means the millers, especially, the entrepreneurs, need to develop new skillsets to understand the changes taking shape in food technologies. Red 2 Green is well equipped to provide structured training for industries and entrepreneurs by which the initial risk associated with starting a business can be sufficiently reduced.

During these trainings, the entrepreneurs will be trained to understand all tricks of the trade. Their skills are honed and upgraded as required so that they are able to achieve their business goals in these changing times.

With so many legislations in play, technological changes that lead to upgradation of equipment and different finance models, the training we provide helps entrepreneurs understand various facets of diverse business processes.

Our training provides hands-on experience with the machinery, guidance on financial plans and strategies, insights into food licensing and standardizing of the processes.

Each of these has been elaborated upon down below.

Demonstrations: Mills are being upgraded today and it includes introduction of new and latest machineries and technological infrastructure. For entrepreneurs, it is necessary to understand how the machinery functions. This way, they can understand how a product is made, how much time it takes and how it is stored efficiently. This information helps them make better strategies as they will ultimately understand their products better. During our training, hands-on experience is offered so that the trainees will better understand the products and its manufacturing process. Food technology training is as important as having a deep understanding of the financial strategies followed.

Guidance on Financial Plans and Strategies: Our skill development program focusses on skill-based entrepreneurship. This means that the entrepreneur is guided on all the fundamental elements pertinent in the food processing and manufacturing sector. Directions are given and different kinds of financial approaches and strategies are elaborated upon, as well. This helps the entrepreneurs choose the plan that works best for them.

Food Licensing: Our training program also talks about Food Licensing and Registration System, which is an online application that has been launched by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This application is essential to allow Food Business Operators (FBO) to apply for and secure food licenses and registration certificates. This certificate acts as a proof that the food safety and quality measures are being duly followed and complied with.

Processes Standardization: Implementing certain technical standards as agreed upon by all the interested parties in order to achiever safety, maximizing growth and producing a consistent quality product is what is achieved through process standardization. Further, this is something fundamental and crucial for all entrepreneurs to become successful in all their business endeavours. It is important to follow a certain set of policies in order to avoid confusion and appear professional and organised in a business setup.

Having realized the fact that entrepreneurs risk a lot when they decide to venture into a new business, Red 2 Green helps them by offering periodic workshops and training session relevant to their business operations. It is important to know and adhere to the quality standards of the food industry as established. Right from raw material selection to spice processing, spice and pulse milling, training is given on every crucial aspect that an entrepreneur must know.

Today, the competition in the market is fierce and escalating and hence having exemplary insights in important aspects such as mill management and industrial training have become indispensable for any business that wants to walk on the path of continuous success.

That’s where Red 2 Green can help you unquestionably.

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A company that strongly believes in empowering the solopreneurs by providing them with the latest technology and trainings, Red 2 Green Foods is committed to serving the end customer with good quality and healthy food products as well.

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