Techno-economic Feasibility

Techno-economic feasibility hints at two aspects of a business—the technological aspect and the financial aspect.

Techno-economic feasibility hints at two aspects of a business: The technological aspect and the financial aspect. It also refers to whether or not a combination of the present technology and economic condition lead to a fruitful result.

Like any other industry, a business model is never related to just the product. Apart from gaining deep knowledge about the product, how it is made, how long it can last, how it is stored, how it can be improved, what variations can be introduced to it, what packaging would be most suitable, it is important to know your numbers.

The food industry now calls for innovation. Red 2 Green Foods is introducing the modern food processing technologies to millers and entrepreneurs by providing them with upgraded machinery and the required training sessions. It is interesting to note that the modern technology also keeps upgrading. Hence associated people need to keep upgrading their knowledge as well. It is upon this realization that we have conceived our service offerings.

Apart from the technology used, it is important to create products that meet all the food safety standards that have been issued by the FSSAI Act of 2006. On the technical front, a melange of quality and modern machineries is also required.

Technological Feasibility: While setting up a business, it is necessary to comply with the regulations made by the appropriate authorities. This means that the latest equipment needs to be installed and leveraged as well.

The following are some of the questions that need to be answered:

  • What are the latest machinery requirements in your field of business?
  • What would the budget allotment be like?
  • Is there enough space to keep all the equipment pieces?
  • Would you be needing people to operate such machinery? How many?
  • What is the shelf life on those machines?
  • In case of technical difficulties, is it easy to find someone to help you out of your problem?
  • What is the maintenance and upkeep of these machines like?
  • How often would be machines need to be upgraded?

Economic Feasibility: This is obviously related to the business’ finance and budget. It is true that modern technology has rendered process of food production effortless, in comparison with the older times when everything had to be done manually. As a result, food production used to be a process that consumed extensive time. However, to acquire the latest food technologies and machinery, it is important that you have the budget required for it.

Before investing in anything, one needs to answer the following questions:

  • Is the new technology going to cover the initial cost of setting up, in the long run?
  • How much budget would need to be allocated to keep the machines going?
  • What are the different elements of your business that will need capital as well?
  • Where does the investment rank on your priority list?
  • Is the purchase required to fulfil a state mandate?

The food industry requires immense amount of external research and development, food technology training, food product development and industrial training. All of these require capital. It is extremely important to allocate resources intelligently and effectively to make the best possible use of the finances available.

In order to make effective, informed and well-thought decisions pertaining to the entire process of production and to help you create a sound business strategy around a business’ techno-economic feasibility, we bring to you impeccable services to you. Our team of experts aims to help mills and entrepreneurs alike, to upgrade their machinery and skills within the limits of their financial capacities.

As an experienced and expert service provider, we also conduct researches and fine-tune the ideas already conceived. If need be, we can also play an active role in the process of innovative idea conception as well. As an added advantage, investment analysis is another related service that we offer to make sure that the clients are investing on an option that is bound to offer them with guaranteed and effective returns.

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