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We have carried out extensive research and market studies to give shape to an Incubation center for Medium and Small Scale Industries

One of the major issues faced by businesses that want to create a new product and market the same is the resistance they experience from the people living near the facility.

By the very nature of the population of Kerala, complaints to new businesses and manufacturing units are common raising such concerns as noise, air and environmental pollution. This can be a hard case even for the most confident entrepreneur to crack as local support is one of the most important elements that can help the business succeed. Having understood this from our experience, we have come up with exceptional and effective means to help budding entrepreneurs chase their dreams without creating tantrums with the local population.

Our initiative strives to offer large areas or spaces to companies that want to set their business operations but lack the means to do so. This is fashioned after the numerous IT hubs and IT parks that have spawned the landscape of Kerala in the recent decades. These spaces are equipped with all the necessary machineries, systems and infrastructural capabilities so that the clients who want to chase their entrepreneurial visions can do that in the most efficient of ways without having to worry about any kinds of public concerns or resistance. Since the center is going to be completely equipped to meet the requirements of the companies that want to use it, the clients can go ahead with their plans and are free

from worrying about the issues that people otherwise raise in an open area.

Red 2 Green has been creating a slew of solutions that can help businesses meet their business visions and product goals through revolutionary systems, methods and support offerings to budding companies, startups and entrepreneurs. Over the years, we have understood that the most difficult issue, perhaps, faced by budding companies is the lack of space where business can be carried out with confidence and without having to worry about outside interferences. This realization is what has propelled us to create various incubation centers for medium and small scale businesses who find it extremely difficult to afford the infrastructure required to run a business successfully.

As a business ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to phase through the initial stages of starting a business, and how much the right support means. We are striving to offer the right sort of support that budding businesses need to place their foot firmly on the market till they create a space for their offerings. We bring all of these facilities at affordable rates and plans that even the most nascent business can afford without any concerns. Whatever may be the type of your business and the infrastructural support you need, the incubation centers that we have designed with great care will provide all the aid you will even require. With the right business development support, market research and studies and assistance to acquire market, our incubation center will become the ladder upon which you can place your growth.

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