Food Product Development

You have an idea about food production? Making it a reality is what food product development does.

Food product development is what transforms an idea into a reality. That is exactly what our services will help you with—to create what you’ve already conceptualised.

Red 2 Green Food is all about food and innovation in food production. By effectively merging traditional mill operation methods with the modern-day technology, we strive to revolutionize the industry at large. With food technology, we mean the branch of food science that deals specifically with different ways of food production. Food product development is a culmination of a number of steps.

Have you ever gravitated towards a new flavour of your favourite food at the supermarket?

We know you have.

Then you were a part of the last stage in the chain of food product development, unknowingly. This process is undertaken by every business in the attempt of bringing something new to their line of foods.

Though it may sound simple, a ton of research is required to make a successful product.

An external research and development team first looks at the permissible food items and the combinations that may have diverse impact on the end-customer. But first, some basic questions need to be answered.

  • How large scale will the production be? Is there a techno-economic feasibility?
  • What is the medium of selling the product? Online, shop, food truck?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in production and packaging?
  • Where will you be testing out the recipes for the food product?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What do you want the packaging to be like?

After finding the answers to these questions, you venture into the world of food product development. After the business strategy has been made, the procedure of making the new food product needs to be perfected.

The final food product needs to be in line with all the food safety regulations. However, it is equally important to test the product, as well. The testing can be started by carrying out a small group-study and recording their initial reactions. Food industry standardisation is a key, as well. There are diverse food technologies available in the market now and one must choose the best that works best for them.

After the taste tests have been carried out and it has been made sure that all the food regulatory laws have been complied with, the food product is marketed to gather the reaction of a wider audience.

After all the data has been compiled, the suggestions of the focus groups have been taken and the production of the new product is considered enough, it is launched. The launch is coupled with aggressive marketing strategies that focus on driving the attention of a large-scale audience towards the product.

Food product development does not stop here. Post the launch of the product, diverse elements such as consumer reactions, reviews and financial data are evaluated. If the food product does well and one is able to make profit, the production should continue. If the product does not do well, it should be shelved after a certain point of time. It is important to fulfil the prescribed quality standards of the food industry too.

Food product development is a time-consuming process to do but it can reap greater rewards when done right. With our food product development service, we have been able to make exceptional impact on the food industry, including the food processing sector. Red 2 Green provides food product development services that you can rely on at all times.

We understand your concerns regarding the development of a new product and that the entire process consumes a lot of time. But, when a new food product is launched in the best possible away, using the best possible marketing strategies and food products, and when it can capture the imagination of the audience, it will certainly gather high profits really quickly.

As such, we are always ready to serve you and help make the entire procedure easier for you.

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