Consultancy Services for Industries

We provide comprehensive and expert professional advice to companies operating in the food sector.

Serving more than 1000 satisfied clients, Red 2 Green Foods provides comprehensive consultancy services to industries in the allied business verticals.

The wide range of consultancy services that we deliver involves technical services in the development processes of new projects and re-designing or re-engineering of products and services.

We strive relentlessly hard to support the local millers as well as entrepreneurs and our endeavors are marked by our desire to help the industries explore their passion in the field of processed foods.

We know starting any new venture demands a lot of hard work and we are here willing to handle and take care of this extensive and strenuous work for you.

Project Development: While handling new projects and its development, we start working from scratch. Our team works together to conceive innovative ideas after several brainstorming sessions and then we create a basic business strategy developed by individual teams over time to ensure that the ideas are viable to execute. Our teams look at the plan from diverse angles like the budget, external research and development, and the food technology required and so on. Once the basic structure of the food product has been developed and finalised, required budget is allotted according to the industry’s needs. Following this, the food product development phase starts.

Food product development involves testing the food product on diverse focus groups, trial runs and checking to gather data on how well the production methodology would function. During this stage, the kind of machinery required for the project to deliver is also decided upon and vendor sourcing is carried out.

After the product has been duly tested and ensured that it fulfils all the quality standards as prescribed by the authorities, the entire project is comprehensively evaluated and thoroughly reviewed. When our team has confirmed that you have a solid, infallible business strategy in hand, we hand it over to you.

Food Product Development: Apart from working on entire projects from the very beginning and naught, we also work on individual products and its conceptualization. Our consultancy services have been known to benefit all our clients over the years and leave them exceptionally satisfied. We labor on product formulations warranting that the end-product passes all the food quality standards established at diverse levels and that it can easily compete with the food products at the global echelon, as well.

Our experienced and experience had endowed us with the capability to handle all the food industrial implementation and food engineering requirements. In doing so, we take profound care to adhere to the food industry standardization prescribed not only by the authorities but also by the industry on the international stage as well. The aspiration is to produce safe food by leveraging the opportunities presented by diverse food processing techniques like spice processing and spice and pulse milling.

The consultancy services we deliver also include learning about a food product and mapping its future growth predictions. We conduct detailed market studies to perk up the repute of your food products or to develop a new product altogether.

All things considered, we are a team of passionate people who are experts in their fields of study. We strive to offer a comprehensive approach to make your business successful and profitable in the shortest time span. We understand the limitations and expectations the food industry has to meet. And, we work within our boundaries to create food products that can grab the attention of the masses and that can sell as easily as it is manufactured. With excellent organisation, an exceptional business strategy and a keen eye for numbers, we come to you when we have moulded your project into something that is right at the cusp of sprouting. We also offer laboratory service for industries and laboratory services for products as well.

Right from idea conception to raw material selection to mill management, we are here to take care of your needs in the most comprehensive and professional manner, just like you would love.

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A company that strongly believes in empowering the solopreneurs by providing them with the latest technology and trainings, Red 2 Green Foods is committed to serving the end customer with good quality and healthy food products as well.

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