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“Red 2 Green” supports the solopreneurs of India who are looking for upgrading their units. We also welcome entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing industries who are looking to expand to the esteemed global food market.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Red 2 Green Foods forward to support solopreneurs and budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in realizing their cherished dreams of successfully conceiving, realizing and marketing food products.


Our services


Consultancy Services for Industries.

We provide comprehensive and expert professional advice to companies operating in the food sector.

External Research and Development.

Our support will help you ensure that your products are able to create a unique space in the market.

Food Industrial Implementation

Services offer a range of well-conceived plans to implement and establish top-notch quality management systems

Food Product Development

Service has the right technological infrastructure, knowledge in the field and the know-how to help you

About Us

Whatever may be the spectrum a business operates in, technology has become an integral aspect that can take it places as envisioned by them. It is this realization that drives Red 2 Green Foods forward to support millers and budding entrepreneurs in realizing their cherished dreams of successfully conceiving, realizing and marketing food products. While you can find a wide range of companies offer services in the similar business spectrum, what truly sets us unique from them is our ability and expertise to offer comprehensive services as they need. We are every bit proud of the identity we have molded for us over the years as one of the most client-centric food product development consultants in food industry now.

Over the years, we have aided numerous millers and entrepreneurs to successfully conceive and develop products in a wide range of business spectrums. Our experience in the domain and uncompromising dedication to help our clients become successful in their business endeavors has always made us the place for our clients to seek help from. We know what exactly you and all our clients need when you approach us and we are profoundly equipped to offer the support you need in whatever business situation you find your business in when it comes to food product development.

We are fortified with expert engineers, professionals and legal advisors well-versed in the area of food product development and its production. All our staffs will work with each other and with you, the client, to make certain that you are able to meet all your goal and visions unfailingly. As we offer a wide range of consulting and advisory services with respect to everything related to food product development and production, you will never have to worry about the feasibility and viability of your food product development plans.

Tethering technological advances with traditional methods, we are on a mission to improve the quality and health quotient of products being developed in the market. If you share the same mission as well, you can approach us with your requirements. We would love to listen to you and offer all the supports you need to make your mission successful.

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How it all started

Pilot smith India, the pioneers in food processing and size reduction equipment manufacturer, have extensive customer base and strong network in India and abroad. For the last 27 years the group has put forward innovative ideas for the advancement of food processing and size reduction technology with continuous effort and time invested in research and development. It undertakes design, development and production of specialized equipment’s and automated process to the individual customer requirements. Also undertake complete turnkey project in the field of food, spices, ayurvedic,cocoa and coconut processing. It offers a wide variety of equipment’s which has been patented and approved by Central Government Institutions.


Pilotsmith India was established

Are the pioneers in Food and Ayurvedic processing equipment manufacturers


Red 2 Green – Launched

To support millers and budding entrepreneurs in realizing their cherished dreams.


Fully Functional

We provide comprehensive and expert professional advice to companies operating in the food sector.

About us

A company that strongly believes in empowering the solopreneurs by providing them with the latest technology and trainings, Red 2 Green Foods is committed to serving the end customer with good quality and healthy food products as well.

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