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A melange of state-of-the-art technology-driven micro-scale enterprises that brings up the organic food you can trust.



Our Services

“Red 2 Green” supports the solopreneur’s of India who is looking to upgrade their units. We also welcome entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing industries who are looking to expand to the esteemed global food market.

Consultancy Services for Industries

We provide comprehensive and expert professional advice to companies operating in the food sector. With the help of our consultancy services, beneficiaries can get access to the knowledge and specialist advices from various food industry specialists, food experts and food engineers. As such, you can make your product offering stand out in the market.


External Research and Development.

Leveraging our extensive experience and insights in the field, we are well poisoned to offer professional advice to industries in the food sector. Upon our support, various industries can get access to several professional food industry specialists, food experts and food engineers. Thus, our support will help you ensure that your products are able to create a unique space in the market.


Food Industrial Implementation.

Our Food industrial implementation services offer a range of well-conceived plans to implement and establish top-notch quality management systems while driving the best results out of a business all the while producing safe food for consumption. In order to achieve this, along with technological and financial know-how, extensive and all inclusive legal knowledge pertaining to the food sector is also just as important.

Food Product Development

You have an idea about food production? Making it a reality is what food product development does. Our service has the right technological infrastructure, knowledge in the field and the know-how to help you create what you’ve conceptualised. Red 2 Green Food is all about bringing innovation in food production methods by coalescing traditional mill operation techniques with the modern-day technology.

Techno-economic Feasibility

Techno-economic feasibility hints at two aspects of a business—the technological aspect and the financial aspect. It also refers to whether a combination of the present technology and economic conditions can lead to a fruitful effect or not. We are capable of proffering the relevant technical knowledge and creating a viable financial plan for your business.


Trainings for Entrepreneurs

Establishing an unwavering breath of faith from consumers in traditional mills has always been an integral part of our vision. We pride ourselves over the fact that we strive endlessly to conduct trainings for the benefit of both the millers and the entrepreneurs all the while creating an environment where sustainable growth is achieved in the field.



Our mission is to support diverse micro-scale enterprises with the best, efficient and innovative technological infrastructure capabilities to successfully meet the standards as established by the FSSAI Act of 2006, effectively run the operations of their enterprises, upgrade their systems and to reintroduce organic foods back into the lifestyles of consumers within the schedules established.


Our vision is to offer extensive, holistic and timely support for solopreneurs and upcoming entrepreneurs and start-ups through effective use of technological infrastructure so that the growth of the business sector can be established and the distribution of healthy and safe food throughout the country can be warranted.


We Are

In this era of constant technological development, we focus on incessant innovation, uncompromised customer care and in establishing a consumer-centric work culture where novel ideas are welcomed and leveraged upon. We believe in revolutionising the food processing sector by blending contemporary technological advances with traditional means and approaches trailing which the mills of India operate and function.

Our parent company, Pilotsmith India Pvt. Ltd., has amassed unrivalled experience in manufacturing diverse food processing paraphernalia for millers leveraging various technological advances. The emphasis of the company specifically rests upon Spice Processing Units and the Ayurvedic Sector. The company also supports a dynamic and passionate Research and Development team that collaborates together to create a wide trove of innovative, efficient and extensive products for Food Processing Units.

Endeavouring to provide safe and healthy food to all of our consumers, ‘Red 2 Green’ supports millers in India who seek for the right technological infrastructure to upgrade their units. We also welcome entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business operations into the ‘ready-to-cook’ category, as well.

Over the years, we have learnt that knowledge is power, and we aim at bolstering the skills of millers by providing them with the required training and support in food technology and food processing by means of the ‘Millers Empowerment Program’.

About us

A company that strongly believes in empowering the solopreneurs by providing them with the latest technology and trainings, Red 2 Green Foods is committed to serving the end customer with good quality and healthy food products as well.

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